Challenge at the Coast and in the Country

In 2018, 186 GP surgeries closed in the UK. That’s up from 107 closures in 2013. With rural areas often being the most affected by closures, the national shortage of doctors continues to put rural populations at risk.[1]

A recent Telegraph article highlights the increasing pressure on the NHS to solve a doctor recruitment crisis across the UK, particularly in rural and coastal regions.[2] Over 200 areas have seen GP surgery closures over the past two years, often forcing patients to travel much farther than normal to be seen by a doctor – that is, assuming they are even able to book an appointment.[3]

As the NHS struggles to replenish the pool of GP doctors, many of whom are retiring early, Medical Centre Developments has stepped up to the challenge of saving local rural GP surgeries.[4]

Recently, we have provided a new facility for GPs in coastal Hove and are developing a new eco-friendly surgery in the rural village of Storrington. We are also working to expand the capacity of surgeries, including in rural Norfolk.

MCD is committed to partnering with local communities and councils to provide high quality medical centres for those who need it most. Several facilities even have adjoining pharmacies, to make life even easier for patients in rural areas.

Are you a partner in a surgery? Interested in finding out how we can help you expand to meet future demands and to resolve succession planning issues? Please get in touch!