500 miles for 500 pounds

Each year the MCD team do a walking challenge to raise money for charity. This year we are collectively attempting to walk 500 miles (about 50 miles each) and will be giving 10 charities, chosen by some of the medical centres in our portfolio, £500 each if we succeed. Read more


We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted once again for the Health Investor Awards 2019 for Property Developer of the Year. This prestigious award is for organisations achieving excellence and innovation in healthcare.

We have been shortlisted for our work in developing medical centres for GPs that not only provide an excellent environment for achieving good health outcomes, but are also a great place to work and a benefit to the wider community. In particular we are delighted that over the last year significant progress has been made at Storrington, West Sussex, where we are developing a state-of-the-art environmentally sustainable new health centre. Read more

Spring Cleaning

  • We actively keep buildings in good order, fending off (as much as possible) disruptive events caused by any fabric defects or deterioration. Preventative action pays off, as shown at Monifieth Surgery.
  • The surgery was completed in 2003 and has served a growing population in this popular suburb of the regenerated City of Dundee.
  • With its proximity to mature leafy trees, the render and roof covering had deteriorated over the last 15 years, becoming discoloured and damaged in some areas.
  • Through a common repairs scheme, we arranged for a survey and investigations to be carried out. The results identified separate render and roof treatments and repairs that would refresh and protect the building.
  • These works were undertaken and are now complete.
  • Consequently, this property remains a modern, bright and cheerful place for patients to visit and staff to work and should serve the community for a long-time.


Building the “bedrock of the NHS”

In October, Matt Hancock, Health and Social Care Secretary, declared his support for GPs heralding them as “the bedrock of the NHS”. He highlighted their role in preventative medicine and set-out a vision for networked primary care services that are better integrated and supported. The Government’s commitment to the NHS has been shown in the £20 billion additional funding it will receive, some of which will go to GPs. Central to the vision for the NHS is thriving community care centred around GP practices where patients are treated in the community without needing to be in an acute setting. Essential to this is having the right infrastructure. Technology is always at the fore-front of these conversations, but what about the buildings? Read more

Over 20 Years and Counting

Clapham Park Group Practice was one of the first existing medical centres bought by the Medical Centres Group, and after 22 years, the relationship is still going strong. The practice is now entering an exciting development phase, with the existing buildings being modernised, new facilities added, and an on-site pharmacy created. The NHS, GPs and Medical Centres Group have collaborated to create the new facilities, which will greatly enhance patient experience and the working environment for the staff, for many years to come. Read more

New Facilities for Patients in Brighton

Medical Centres Group are moving ahead with plans to improve GP facilities for Brighton residents, with a new modern health centre that will serve over 16,000 patients. There will also be a new pharmacy on the site, making life easier for patients needing medication.

Councillor Daniel Yates, leader of Brighton and Hove City Council said, “This is a great example of how we can provide much-needed local services by working together as partners.”

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New Eco-friendly NHS Medical Centre for West Sussex

The residents of Storrington and surrounding villages will soon be enjoying a new, state of the art, environmentally friendly GP surgery.

The new medical centre will be well over 3 times the size of the existing Glebe Surgery, complete with additional medical facilities and green extras such as electric vehicle charging points in order to achieve a high sustainability standard (BREEAM Excellent). There will also be an on-site pharmacy to serve The Glebe’s patients.

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Sale and Lease Back: a solution for talent attraction and succession planning

At both ends of a GP’s employment lifecycle – joining a surgery and later leaving it – the issue of property ownership can be a challenge. Currently, practices are struggling to fill vacancies and high numbers of doctors are retiring or leaving the profession. In this context, the issues surrounding property ownership are particularly acute. Surgeries where doctors directly own the premise not only limit their potential pool of candidates when recruiting, but must also pay the equity of the GP who is leaving.

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